About those video applications…

Dear prospective applicants,

First of all, we want to say we love you. It’s you, dear speakers, who make WordCamps great. And, sadly, I think I’ve thrown a curveball in our relationship. It’s time we make up.

Here’s what we want in the video applications: up to two minutes of you speaking into a web cam, iPhone cam, or some other simple video recording device. You’ll want to include:

  • What your proposed talk, structured discussion, or interpretive dance is.
  • Who your topic is intended for (e.g. super developer studs, writers who only want to write, etc.)
  • Why you’re the best person to talk about it.

If you’re spending more than 10 minutes recording it, or hours on post-production, you’re doing too much. All we want out of the video application is proof you can perform in front of an audience (just us for now), and an indication you’ve spent more than five minutes thinking about your idea.

You might be asking “wait, but what about the ‘permanence’ theme?” We’re open to creative interpretations of what permanence means to your topic. For that matter, we’re open to creative interpretations of how WordPress relates to your topic. We embrace creativity, and want to learn from those outside the close-knit WordPress community — if your topic isn’t directly about WordPress, just communicate how it relates.

My personal goal is to get each of us at BeachPress to submit a video tomorrow. I hope to see yours soon too — please don’t hesitate to email me ideas, questions, etc.




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