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Update: Read this post, then read our second clarifying the application process.

Want to present at WordCamp Portland this coming August? Sweet — we’d love to consider your application. With five successful years under the belt, we want to shake things up a bit. Read the details carefully, should you choose to accept the assignment.

Your theme: permanence. WordPress has been around for over a decade now. Many sites have hundreds or thousands of posts. Consider one such post published in 2006. If the site has been tended to with love and affection, odds are the content has remained the same and the presentation has changed with each redesign.

What does permanence mean to you? Are you a developer who still has to deal with that API decision made three years ago? Are you a daily blogger who’s been writing since the days of b2?

Your format: to be determined. We loved how WCSF 2012’s twenty minute presentations encouraged focusing on a single point. We also love our fair share of keynotes, workshops, unconferences, and music gigs.

As avid WordPress customizers, we know form matters as much as content — sell us on yours. Plan to see some editing as we fit your content into a compelling package.

Your application: a two-minute video. You can rehearse as many times as you’d like, but we’ll only consider your best. Your video needs to include what your topic is, who it’s directed towards, and why you’re the one to speak on it. You’re welcome to upload it anywhere you’d like on the internet, but we need to be able to watch it.

Have too many ideas? Try to pick the unique gem. We’re also happy to provide feedback. Send an email to Daniel Bachhuber to start the conversation.

Your deadline: Sunday, June 9th at 9 pm Pacific. Cook up something tasty. When it’s ready, send it to us the deadline has passed! We look forward to announcing speakers soon.

4 thoughts on “Call for Speakers

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  2. Weston Ruter

    Can can the theme of “permanence” be elaborated upon? What would that look like being weaved into the talks? For example, speakers should have the next 10 years in mind when they are presenting their topic, and also provide the past 10 years as background to give it context.

    1. Daniel Bachhuber Post author

      Can can the theme of “permanence” be elaborated upon?

      Nope — it’s up to your interpretation. You can think inside the box or outside the box. You just need to be able to communicate in your application how whatever you’re doing relates to the word.

      Feel free to email me directly if there’s a specific topic or approach you’d like feedback on.

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