Jen Mylo, our second keynote speaker for WordCamp Portland

jane-gravatarWhat’s better than one keynote and an amazing speaker lineup? Two keynotes and an amazing speaker lineup! The organizing team here is happy to announce Jen Mylo as our second keynote for WordCamp Portland 2013. Jen’s worked with the WordPress community for years now and likes Portland so much she’s even planning to move here!

She is a WordPress Jane of All Trades. After stints as the core software’s user experience lead and project manager she’s now focusing on improving the contributor community. Jen works on outreach and training, with an emphasis on increasing diversity. She’s spent more than a dozen years in the web industry, with the last five years dedicated to the WordPress open source project.

Jen’s keynote is titled, The Only Constant Is Change. Here’s what that entails:

Permanence is an odd concept when talking about an open source project, a web application, or web content, where things tend to change rapidly and be more ephemeral. The first ten years of the WordPress project has taught us that change and adaptation are the keys to success. In this talk, community lead Jen Mylo will discuss WordPress changes past and future, and will ask the Portland community to consider the change they’d like to see.

Woot! Jen wraps up our main speaker announcements for this year’s event; we’re really excited about everything. 🙂

You can find more details about this year’s speakers and a schedule for the day is coming up. Stay tuned for more WordPress fun and grab your ticket today!