Resources from Our Speakers

We’ve asked our speakers to provide links to slides, blog posts, or any other relevant resources from their talks. Refresh your memory and explore what was discussed last weekend at WordCamp Portland!

  • Grand Landram: Creating a Better WordPress Admin Experience for Clients – slides
  • Christina Elmore: From URL to ISBN: Making Books from Blogs – slides
  • Paul Clark: How WordPress Saves Lives and Moves Governments – slides
  • Mika Epstein: Roll Your Own WordPress Support Characters – slides / article
  • Corey Freeman: Stop Tweaking – slides
  • Bob Dunn: Making Your WordPress Knowledge Stick – slides
  • Matt Boynes: Rewrite Recipes – slides/code/etc
  • Andy Hayes: Website Critiques – Andy’s website
  • Kronda Adair: Deploying WordPress with Capistrano – slides / video tutorial / getting started with Git
  • Maria Erb: How WordPress Can Save Higher Education – slides

(these are the speakers that have provided resources thus far – if additional speakers submit links we’ll update this blog post)